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Device Swimcount is an easy-to-use home test that gives a fast and reliable answer on male fertility.

It’s not unusual for couples to experience problems when trying to conceive. Some of these issues could be attributed to abnormal sperm quality. Thanks to patented technology, SwimCount’s simple home test kit lets you measure sperm quality within 30 minutes – all in the privacy of your own home.

One in five healthy young men has an abnormal sperm quality.

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Forty percent of conception issues are due to male fertility issues. Poor sperm quality is a key factor in why many couples experience problems when trying to conceive. It can be inconvenient and embarassing to visit a hospital or fertility clinic to get tested so many men choose in-home sperm tests. However, until now, all that’s been available are tests that measure sperm count only, not sperm quality.

SwimCount is the first home test which allows you to get a reliable answer on your chance of conceiving by measuring sperm cells' ability to swim – a key factor in achieving pregnancy. 

Our goal has never been to replace a full evaluation that has to be performed by fertility professionals so any abnormal result will have to be further analysed by a professional. But, SwimCount can enable you to get an easy and reliable answer which could avoid any further testing if not necessary.

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How it works

It’s simple and takes only 30 minutes to receive results!

SwimCount measures the concentration of sperm that can swim (known as motile sperm).

Simply add the sperm sample to the device and within 30 minutes the color indicates whether the motile sperm quantity is above or below the WHO threshold for normal. SwimCount provides 96% accuracy when comparing the results to microscopy. If the test shows your motile sperm concentration is below the cut-off level for normal sperm quality, you should consult your doctor for further fertility testing.

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About motilitycount aps

Phoenix MedCare, New Zealand's largest supplier of diagnostics tests for pregnancy, is now bringing SwimCount to New Zealand. It is sold in leading pharmacies nationwide.

In 2010 they set out to create a a home test that could give valid results on male fertility (sperm quality). The existing home tests only measured sperm quantity so didn’t provide a reliable answer on male fertility – more important was how many of the sperm could swim.

MotilityCount Aps was formally established in 2011 and the company welcomed professional investors in the form of SEED Capital (Denmark's largest early-stage venture capital fund). The product went on to win first prize for innovation at the 2011 Hi11 trade show and 2013 MotilityCount got through the EVC HealthTech semi-finals before reaching the final at the European Venture Summit. In 2014 MotilityCount received further financing to commence production. Knudsen Plast (specialists in plastic moulding for healthcare products) became the company's production partner and the Danish Market Development Fund helped MotilityCount to start production of the tests.

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