How does the test work?

There are two chambers in the device and only motile sperm can move from one chamber into the other. Once in the second chamber the sperm are stained with a dye which produces the colour in the result window. The more motile sperm in the sample, the stronger the purple colour will be.

How to use the SwimCount Device?

Please see this video with instructions for use

How to read the results.

Please download this guide on how to read the results.

How accurate is SwimCount?

SwimCount™ has a sensitivity of 98% and a specificity of 95%.

This means that if the test shows that your semen sample has less than 5 million Progressive Motile Sperm Cells per ml., it is 98% likely that the test result is correct.

If the test shows that your semen sample has more than 5 million Progressive Motile Sperm Cells per ml., it is 95% likely that the test result is correct.

Has the test been approved by authorities?

Yes, SwimCount has, in May 2015, been granted the CE certificate for sales in the entire European Union, this certificate is issued by The British Standards Institution. In 2022, new CE certificates were approved for the device as an IVDR, the highest standard in diagnostic tests.

Swimcount has been registered on the NZ Medsafe database for medical devices.

Why is SwimCount better than the other test kits already available on the market?

SwimCount is the only home test able to measure the concentration of progressive and motile sperm cells which are necessary to make a woman pregnant.

Is there any factor which can lead to a false result?

Yes, there are some factors:

  • Doing the test too close after the last ejaculation
  • Not keeping the device horizontal throughout the test
  • Adding an incorrect sample volume to the device
  • Trapping air bubbles in the transfer device

Can the result stay in the device so I can show it to specialists?

No, the result might be biased if left for too long. So you should take a picture for documentation after the 30 minutes which is indicated in the instruction for use.

Is there anything I can do to improve my sperm motility count?

So far there is not isn’t much evidence that anything specific can improve your motile sperm count but the following may help:

  • Stop taking anabolic steroids (do not stop taking any prescribed medication without consulting your doctor). Male fertility often returns to normal once use of steroids is discontinued.
  • Take showers instead of hot baths – long hot baths may impact sperm quality.
  • It is always worth taking care of yourself and factors like eating healthy, regular exercise, quit smoking and reducing alcohol consumption will improve your health.

Other factors to consider

  • 1 in 5 women have a cervical pH that is too acidic can cause fertility issues
  • Understanding your time of Ovulation (release of an egg) is important to natural conception, the best way is the use of LH Surge identification, we recommend EasyCheck® Ovulation Kits for this purpose, visit www.phoenixmedcare.co.nz for more information.

Where to buy

SwimCount is available at all leading pharmacies nationwide.